Angel Therapy is a form of psychological counseling that integrates traditional counseling techniques with a belief in the reality of angels and the ability of patients to become aware of them. Angel therapy was developed by Doreen Virtue.

Beyond the realm of reality, that we know and sense as human beings on Earth, is an omnipresent realm, unseen to humans, where guiding angels are waiting to assist humans. “When it comes to Angel Therapy, there’s a misguided notion in India that angels are associated with christianity but the concept of angels exists across religions. Even when you go to Shirdi, the image of Sai Baba features angels on the top,” says Sunita Singad, one of India’s first qualified Angel Therapy practitioner.

However, she is quick to point out that Angel Therapy is not something religious nor is there a need for angels to be worshipped.

Angel therapy is the healing of physical, emotional and mental problems with the power of angels acting through a practitioner.


Angel Therapy is a very powerful energy healing modality. You might just need one or several sessions depending on what needs to be corrected in your body and mind.

  • It unblocks the energy systems of the body
  • It releaves stress related to depression, headaches and other problems
  • It is suitable for people of all ages without worrying about dosage levels
  • It will effect physical, emotional and mental healing all at the same time
  • It is very safe: you only get as much energy as you need so there is no risk of overdose
  • Lower emotions and disempowering thought pattens are released as part of the treatment
  • It can be used to complement any ongoing medical treatment without risks of interfering with it
  • There is no need to diagnose the illness. The therapist is guided by angels to do whatever is necessary to effect healing
  • It releaves psychological problems such stage fright, anxiety, social anxiety and lack of self confidence in certain situations
  • The angels will uncover connections between the site of pain and the origin of that pain which can be physical or emotional
  • When necessary, the practitioner might include etheric cord cutting to help you to cut ties with certain places, people, situations, addictions or habits
  • It relieves physical illnesses such as asthma, menstrual problems, menopausal problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many other illnesses that conventional medicine fails to treat

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